Wasserstoff Grundlagen

Wasserstoff Grundlagen


Wasserstoff Grundlagen

Titel des Angebots: Wasserstoff Grundlagen

Anbieter: BNW – Bildungswerk der Niedersächsischen Wirtschaft gemeinnützige GmbH

Art des Abschlusses: Zertifikat des BNW

EQF-Level: ohne

Kurzbeschreibung:Mit diesen Grundlagen schaffen sie sich einen Überblick zu den wichtigsten Themenfeldern. Die theoretischen Informationen werden mit praktischen Übungen ergänzt. Gerade für die weiterführenden Fach-Qualifizierungen in der Industrie oder dem Handwerk bringen sie mit dieser Schulung das nötige Wissen mit. Nach der Schulung kennen Sie die verschiedenen Anwendungsbereiche, haben selbst Wasserstoff erzeugt und können weitere Schritte im Unternehmen planen.

Zielgruppe: Alle Fach- und Führungskräfte aus der Industrie und dem Handwerk, die sich mit dem Zukunftsthema Wasserstoff beschäftigen wollen.

Umfang in Stunden: 8

Laufzeit: Ende 2023

Full-time / Part-time / Part-time: Full-time

Ort: Bremen, Bremerhaven, Oldenburg

Akkreditierung / Zertifizierung? ohne

Kosten: 590,00 € (15 % Nachlasse mit Code: WASSERSTOFF15)

Publicly eligible? No

Starttermin / Turnus: 12.06. – 03.07. – 15.08. – 04.09. – 31.11. – 04.12.

Weiterführende Informationen: https://bnw-seminare.de/seminar/wasserstoff-grundlagen/ 

„Für einen schnellen und erfolgreichen Hochlauf der Wasserstoffwirtschaft müssen wir jetzt geeignete Maßnahmen anbieten. Dabei ist es wichtig, nicht nur Fachqualifikationen anzubieten, sondern auch für das Thema Wasserstoff zu sensibilisieren und Distanzen abzubauen“

Maik Groß

Leiter Business Training Center; Technology-Industry-Mobility-Energy, BNW - Bildungswerk der Niedersächsischen Wirtschaft


Expert for hydrogen applications (IHK) Webinar

Expert for hydrogen applications (IHK) Webinar


Expert for hydrogen applications (IHK) Webinar

Title of the offer:Expert for hydrogen applications (IHK) Webinar

Provider: Oldenburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Type of degree: Certificate course

EQF level: No assignment

Short description:

Hydrogen opens up ways for industry to achieve its climate protection targets and free itself from the disadvantages of fossil fuels. The expansion of hydrogen technologies and their use in practice is therefore about decisive competitive advantages and securing future viability.

Target group:

For all specialists and managers who want to explore the potential of hydrogen as an energy carrier for their company and drive forward initial implementation steps, especially in the areas of mobility/logistics, production and energy (supply), climate balance.

Extent in hours: 72 course hours (plus 12 course hours as module-accompanying self-study)

Duration: approx. 3 months, on certain days from 3:30 to 6:15 p.m. each day

Full-time / Part-time / Part-time: Part-time

Location: Live online training

Cost: 2.490 EUR

Publicly eligible? No

Start Date / Rotation:

28. April 2023 bis 18. Juli 2023

05. September 2023 bis 28. Nov. 2023

26. September 2023 bis 19. Dez. 2023

Weiterführende Informationen:

Modul 1 – Ökologische und ökonomische Grundlagen (ca. 10 LStd.)
Modul 2 – Eigenschaften des Wasserstoffs (ca. 10 LStd.)
Modul 3 – Erzeugung des Wasserstoffs (ca. 10 LStd.)
Modul 4 – Anwendungsgebiete der Wasserstofftechnologie (ca. 10 LStd.)
Modul 5 – Speicherung, Transport und Lagerung von Wasserstoff (ca. 10 LStd.)
Modul 6 – Umweltschutz und Arbeitssicherheit (ca. 10 LStd.)
Modul 7 – Vorschriften und Gesetzesgrundlagen (ca. 10 LStd.)

Online final test (approx. 2 LStd.)


"The ramp-up of the hydrogen economy can only succeed with excellently qualified specialists. New skills, qualifications and job profiles will be required along the entire value chain. If there are shortages of skilled workers, the transformation will inevitably stall. That would not only be bad for the climate, but also for the competitiveness of our economy."

Björn Schaeper

Managing Director Economic Policy | Innovation | Energy | Environment, Oldenburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Image: Imke Folkerts

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Hydrogen Technology Specialist IHK

Hydrogen Technology Specialist IHK


Hydrogen Technology Specialist IHK

Title of the offer: Hydrogen Technology Specialist IHK

Provider: Heinze Akademie GmbH

Type of qualification: IHK certificate per module or an overarching IHK certificate "Hydrogen Technology Specialist IHK", on which the module contents and your achievements are documented.

The certificates contain co-branding between HKBiS (100% subsidiary of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce) and Heinze Akademie.

EQF level: 6

Brief description: The in-service digital hydrogen course was developed together with experts from industry and research and provides basic and expert knowledge in the field of hydrogen technology. The IHK certificate course is divided into three modules that can be booked as a block or separately, depending on prior knowledge. The course starts in groups and promotes teamwork.

Target group: Module A is aimed at specialists and managers who want to get started in the subject. Modules B and C are aimed at technical specialists, in particular state-certified technicians, engineers and industrial foremen, who would like to build up expert knowledge in the field of hydrogen technology.

Extent in hours: 100 hours or 140 teaching units per module (1 unit = 45 minutes)

Duration: 2.5 months with approx. 10 hours of workload per week

Full-time / Part-time / Part-time: Part-time

Location: Remote (100% online with 20% synchronous (contact hours with instructors)).

Accreditation / Certification? Yes (SGB III and AZAV, ZFU)

Cost: 1.470,00 Euro per module

Publicly eligible? Yes. For job seekers, the education voucher can be used. For employees and companies, there is the employee subsidy via the Qualification Opportunities Act (QCG), with which up to 100% of the further education costs can be reimbursed.

Start date / cycle: The parallel start of all three modules is planned in the following periods, further and company-specific start dates on request:




Further information: To the website

Source: Heinze Academy

"Hydrogen is seen as playing a decisive key role in the course of the energy transition. The enormous, Germany-wide investments in the emerging hydrogen industry speak for themselves. However, no projects can be made a success without qualified specialists. High-quality qualification programs lay the foundation."

Jan Heinze, Heinze Academy

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Hydrogen for professionals and managers

Hydrogen for professionals and managers


Hydrogen for professionals and managers

Offer title: Hydrogen for professionals and managers

Anbieter: Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Leibniz Universität Hannover und Fraunhofer-Institut für Windenergiesysteme IWES

Type of degree: Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) with 15 credit points (ECTS)

EQF level: DQR-7

Short description:

The training program builds on the participants' existing professional qualifications and experience and enables them to assess, initiate and manage hydrogen projects. During the training, a hydrogen project is realistically planned and costed.

Technical, economic and legal aspects are to be linked in teamwork. This gives you a concrete insight into how projects are implemented in practice. Cross-industry collaboration creates a network from which you will benefit beyond the further training. We provide you with interdisciplinary know-how on technology, grid integration, permitting, law and financing. You will be able to look at projects from different perspectives and communicate with all the players involved.

Target group:

The training is aimed at employees in public institutions and administration who decide on or accompany hydrogen projects, as well as at specialists and managers with a connection to hydrogen projects, e.g. in the following sectors:

  • Conventional energy generators
  • Renewable energies
  • Automotive industry
  • Network operator (electricity and gas)
  • Chemical industry
  • Transportation
  • Public utilities
  • Steel industry

Extent in hours: 450 (including self-study and attendance phase)

Laufzeit: 6 Monate

Full-time / Part-time / Part-time: Part-time

Location: 6 face-to-face seminars (once a month, Fridays and Saturdays): Hannover, Oldenburg, Bremerhaven + online appointments (project work and meet ups) + excursions and company visits.

Kosten: 6.000 EUR (Frühbuchungspreis), 6.500 EUR (Normalpreis)

Publicly eligible? Request via h2@uni-oldenburg.de

Nächstmöglicher Starttermin: 9. November 2023 – 19. April 2024. Insgesamt: 6 Präsenzseminare (einmal im Monat, freitags und samstags): Hannover, Oldenburg, Bremerhaven + Onlinetermine (Projektarbeit und Meetups) + Exkursionen und Firmenbesichtigungen

Further information 



Green Hydrogen and Renewable Power-to-X Professional

Green Hydrogen and Renewable Power-to-X Professional


Green Hydrogen and Renewable Power-to-X Professional

Provider: Renewables Academy (RENAC) AG

Type of degree: Renewables Academy Online Certificate

Short description: The English language online program "Green Hydrogen and Renewable Power-to-X Professional (PtX)" covers important technical and economic aspects of PtX applications such as hydrogen, heat pump technology and e-mobility. The current economic context of Power-to-X is explained. Participants will learn details about energy storage and artificial intelligence in the energy sector. They understand the risk perspective of project financing and what parameters are used to assess the bankability of energy projects. Three homework assignments on hydrogen projects (project data sheet / supply chain / production cost of green hydrogen) are part of the program. Details of the curriculum are explained in a PDF brochure (see link).

All course material and communication within the program is in English. A glossary of important technical terms helps participants with international communication.

Required courses relevant to the exam are: Power-to-X (PtX): Applications and Cost Developments; Energy Storage: Application and Technology; Heat Pumps for Heating and Cooling: Technology and Applications; Introduction to Hydrogen; E-mobility for Private Transport and Charging Infrastructure: An Introduction; Co-benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Renewable Energy; Methodology of Project Valuation; Renewable Energy Project Finance.

Optional electives are: Introduction to Electricity; Introduction to the Solar Resource; Planning of Large-scale Grid-connected PV Systems; Introduction to Wind Resource: Wind Power Planning and Measurement.

RENAC accompanies participants and attendees in a forum for questions/answers.

The online material consists of texts, self-test questions, instructional videos, virtual classrooms, and an Excel tool to calculate hydrogen production costs.

The PDF certificate is awarded to those who successfully complete a 120-minute, 90-question online exam. 3 homework assignments are included in the final grade.

Target group: The course is suitable for persons who

  • Seeking a career change into the renewable power-to-X (PtX) sector as well as the
  • Identify and economically evaluate market opportunities for green hydrogen for power-to-X (PtX) applications,
  • Define the framework for Power-to-X (PtX) applications and
  • Want to engage with stakeholders in an evaluation process for green hydrogen projects.

Scope in hours: 120 hours for the 8 required courses relevant to the exam plus an additional 50 hours if optional courses are taken.

Duration: 6 months (April-September or October-March)

Full-time / Part-time / Part-time: Part-time

Place: Remote

Accreditation / Certification? The State Central Office for Distance Learning (ZFU) in Cologne has officially approved the distance learning course (approval number 7422622).

Costs: Total price €1.550,- plus legal VAT

Publicly eligible? No

Start date / cycle:April 1 and October 1 each year

Further information 

"Green hydrogen and its use in PtX applications will be critical in driving the decarbonization of power, heating and cooling, key industries, and transportation. Demand for well-trained professionals in this field is growing rapidly, and our new, high-quality program is the best pathway for professional development in green hydrogen, power-to-X, and related technologies."

Berthold Breid, Managing Director RENAC - The Renewables Academy AG

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Hydrogen training courses of the DVGW

Hydrogen training courses of the DVGW


Hydrogen training courses of the DVGW

Title of the offers:

5 DVGW certificate courses for obtaining H2 technical competence

2 expert training courses Power to Gas G 220 and H2 injection G 265-3

4 modules H2 generation to application

1 Training Hydrogen in the Gas Distribution Network

1 Training Future Hydrogen

Provider: DVGW German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water Vocational Training

Type of qualification: DVGW certificate or certificate of attendance

Short description:

Stoffwech2el-Training: H2 in DVGW Vocational Training

The DVGW Vocational Training Hydrogen Portfolio takes you thematically along the value chain, from the production to the application of hydrogen, shows the current status of technical rules and provides insight into the DVGW's hydrogen strategy and rulebook revision.

Supplemented by H2 certificate courses and expert training to qualify employees.

Target group: employees of gas supply companies and network operators, industry representatives, manufacturers, skilled workers, foremen, technicians and engineers

    Extent in hours: Varies per training

    Duration: 1-2 days each

    Place: Online

    Costs: Varies per training

    Publicly eligible? No

    Start date / cycle: Continuous

    Further information on the various offers