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With several sub-projects, Salzgitter AG wants to make a significant contribution to reducing emissions in steel production - green hydrogen plays a formative role in this. Salzgitter AG wants to produce part of the necessary green hydrogen itself; this is also the case in the WindH2 project, in which green hydrogen is ultimately to be produced from green electricity by means of electrolysis.

The aim of the sector coupling project WINDH2 is to generate green hydrogen directly on site and to integrate it into the steel production process. On the one hand, this is intended to build up know-how for climate-friendly hydrogen production, but on the other hand, it is generally intended to create a basis for the future use of larger quantities of hydrogen in steel production. For this purpose, Avacon has erected a total of seven wind turbines on the premises of Salzgitter AG, which have a capacity of about 30 megawatts. Three of these plants are located directly on the grounds of the steelworks. The continuous supply of hydrogen is ensured by the company Linde.

The project is intended to gather important experience in the production and integration of green hydrogen in steel production, which should enable subsequent implementation on a large scale. The interlocking sub-projects of the SALCOS®project, µDral, WindH2 and GrInHy2.0.


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Salzgitter AG is a steel and technology group with over 24,000 employees. Hydrogen plays a crucial role for the company in the production of climate-neutral steel.

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Avacon AG is an energy supply company with more than 2,800 employees and is driving the expansion of renewable energies, especially with its wind power plants.

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The gas supplier Linde is active in over one hundred countries with 80,000 employees and offers various technologies for the production, storage and transport of hydrogen.

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