One of the prerequisites for the energy transition and the successful development of a hydrogen economy is the support of local communities, businesses and also the local population. In the SAVE project, precisely this support is being promoted in the north of Lower Saxony - in the form of information workshops, advisory services and the presentation of opportunities for participation.

The main objective of the cooperation project with the Netherlands "SAVE - SAmen Voor de Energietransitie" is to increase the support and participation of local businesses and the population in the expansion of renewable energies and the development of a hydrogen economy. In the border area between northern Lower Saxony and the Netherlands, there are already numerous hydrogen projects and initiatives, but they often exist "detached" from the citizen. The aim is therefore to inform and engage citizens and businesses in building a hydrogen economy and to strengthen interest in hydrogen technologies and innovations.

To this end, the various actors from the population, the economy and politics are to be better networked - for example, through workshops and training courses for municipalities and companies or advisory services for the population. In addition, best-practice examples are to inform about the diverse opportunities of the transformation and show participation possibilities for citizens, but also for companies. As a result, the project also wants to contribute to increasing regional value creation, developing sustainable business models and increasing the willingness to invest in renewable energies.


Mariko GmbH ensures the networking of the maritime industry and science, particularly in the Ems-Achs region, through project management andconsulting activities.

FME is a Dutch business association for the technology industry and has about 2,200 members employing about 220,000 people.

The Nordseeheilbad Borkum GmbH bundles all municipal economic activities of the city of Borkum and is also responsible for supplying the island with electricity, water and heat.

The Dutch municipality of Am eland is located on the North Sea island of the same name and has around 3,600 inhabitants.

NettCon Energy GmbH , based in Leer, is a service provider that specialises in energy-related issues and advises energy suppliers, companies and municipalities .

Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences

Hanzehogeschool Groningen is a Dutch university of applied sciences in Groningen, serving nearly 30,000 students in a total of 19 faculties.  

Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences

The district of Leer in the northwest of Lower Saxony has about 170,000 inhabitants and forms the southern part of East Frisia.

Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences

The Gemeente Leeuwarden is a city in the Dutch province of Friesland with a population of around 125,000.