Lingen Green Hydrogen

The Lingen Green Hydrogen project is leading to more sustainable fuels. © BP Europa SE

Lingen Green Hydrogen

In the "Lingen Green Hydrogen" project, the companies bp and Orsted want to jointly produce green hydrogen on an industrial scale. For this purpose, an electrolysis plant with a capacity of 100 MW is to be built in Lingen to replace the gray hydrogen currently used in fuel production at the bp refinery. Orsted will supply the necessary green electricity from its offshore wind farms in the North Sea.


News (26.08.2023): bp plant integriertes Energiezentrum!

Bei der Feier des 70-jährigen Jubiläums der Raffinerie verkündete bp, dass an dem Standort Lingen zukünftig eine Vielzahl von emissionsärmeren Energielösungen angeboten werden soll, wobei der Schwerpunkt auf der Produktion von Biokraftstoffen und grünem Wasserstoff liegen soll. Bis 2030 soll die konventionelle Raffinerie zu einem integrierten Energiezentrum entwickelt werden. Mehr dazu hier.

The plant in Lingen could produce about one tonne of green hydrogen per hour - and be used for the production of fuels in the refinery. This could replace around 20 per cent of the grey hydrogen currently used (produced from fossil natural gas) with green hydrogen. The plant is scheduled to go into operation in 2024.

In a second implementation step, the electrolysis plant could be expanded to a capacity of 150 MW. In the long term, all fossil-generated hydrogen at the Lingen refinery should ultimately be replaced by green hydrogen - and lead to a significant reduction inCO2 emissions.

Should the production of synthetic fuels also be added, for example in the form of so-called "e-fuels" for aviation, the electrolysis capacities could even be expanded to more than 500 MW, according to the project partners.

You can find more information at Lingen Green Hydrogen.


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The energy company Orsted, with around 6,000 employees, develops and operates wind and solar parks as well as energy storage and biogas plants. In Germany, the focus is mainly on offshore wind energy.

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BP Europa SE is an international energy group with around 10,500 employees. In the area of fuels, the group is researching climate-friendly alternatives that can replace fossil fuels.

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