Gasunie's HyPerLink infrastructure project is part of the large-scale project and IPCEI Clean Hydrogen Coastline. The aim is to establish connections between existing hydrogen production sites and import sources on the one hand and potential consumers in Bremen, Hamburg and Hanover as well as underground storage facilities on the other.

"The first expansion stage of our HyPerLink project is in the northwest. By 2025, we want to create a connection between important production and storage sites and relevant sales markets via our long-distance gas pipelines, namely in Lower Saxony, in Bremen and Hamburg," says Jens Schumann, Managing Director of the long-distance pipeline operator Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services. "The HyPerLink project is closely linked to the Clean Hydrogen Coastline project and will create a connection between the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark as an important part of the European backbone."




Gasunie Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG is the transmission system operator responsible for an approximately 4,300 kilometre long transmission system.

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