Press release

The Green Hydrogen Economy: Hydrogen Projects at a Glance

There are already more than 80 projects along the hydrogen value chain in Lower Saxony. The current brochure of the NWN gives an overview of projects in hydrogen production, import, storage and infrastructure, mobility and industry as well as education and research.

The brochure is available in German and in English.

For a successful energy transition, we need clean energy sources. However, many energy-intensive processes, for example in the steel or chemical industries, cannot be electrified. To replace fossil fuels, a far-reaching transformation process must get underway - and hydrogen as a CO2-free alternative plays a crucial role in this. As an area and coastal state, Lower Saxony has optimal conditions for the production of green hydrogen. In this way, Lower Saxony is making a significant contribution to achieving climate neutrality throughout Germany by 2045.

There are already more than 80 projects in Lower Saxony's hydrogen landscape. The map in the brochure shows where regional clusters are forming, whose individual projects can then in turn benefit from each other and continue to grow. In the future, the growing infrastructure will enable the hydrogen start-up network to extend from the Netherlands through Lower Saxony to Denmark. But decentralized projects will also play an increasingly important role in future energy supply and security. More information on projects in the areas of production, import, storage, infrastructure, mobility, industry, as well as education and research can be found in the brochure.