H2 Region Northwest Lower Saxony

In the Wesermarsch region, the aim is to investigate how hydrogen can be established as a local energy supplier in order to ultimately build a sustainable hydrogen economy. To this end, hydrogen is to be produced, used and stored directly on site. For this purpose, an existing storage power plant is to be converted so that hydrogen can be stored and contribute to the climate-friendly power supply on site through reconversion.

As part of the innovation laboratory "H2-Region Nordwest-Niedersachsen" (H2-ReNoWe), the Huntorf compressed air energy storage power plant is being converted so that it can use green hydrogen as an energy carrier - creating a flexible, regenerative storage power plant.

For this purpose, the existing infrastructure in the power plant will be used and expanded in order to be able to store green hydrogen and ultimately use it for on-site power supply by means of reverse power generation. With the use of hydrogen in reverse power generation, there is the possibility ofCO2-free energy production and storage in the megawatt range. In addition, possibilities are to be analysed as to how the locally produced green hydrogen and oxygen can be marketed in the future on the one hand and integrated into the mobility sector on the other.

For the further development of hydrogen technologies, the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture (MWK) is funding so-called innovation labs with up to 6.5 million euros. More information on the innovation labs.


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